Vision | Objectives


To be a leading global professional body. To form the future leaders of Hospitality industry. But you can lead if you can convince others that you are making the right decision. Decisions that look right on paper won’t work if your team is not motivated to implement them especially in the Hospitality industry where team work is even more essential than in other industries. Persuading other people and bringing them on board is essential to Hospitality leadership. 


  • To promote and develop the art and science of Hospitality, Tourism, Travel and Management practice globally.
  • To establish, prescribe and ensure the observance of high standards of professional and ethical practice.
  • To provide facilities, advice and opportunities for executives to meet and discuss Hospitality, Tourism, Travel problems and case studies, and thereby improve the standards of Hospitality, Tourism, Travel practice in Nigeria and beyond.
  • To encourage the acquisition of professional qualifications in Hospitality, Tourism, Travel through the provision of examinations and other facilities.
  • Build a credible and dynamic professional institution that is responsive globally.
  • To conduct research, collect and disseminate information on all aspects of Hospitality, Tourism and Travel management.
  • To publish journals, books, practice papers and guidelines.
  • To Promote professional excellence through members upholding the Code of Ethic, Code of Conduct and through the Professional Standards Guide (PSG). The PSG entrenches a system of lifelong learning as well as gaining stakeholders’ commitment to high standard of Hospitality, Tourism, Travel practice to give more value and strategic to those the professional serves.
  • To encourage a more relevant institutes and more reputation sensitive society, by working with appropriate associations to generate sustained focus on the contributions of stakeholders in different sectors.